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Chartreux Cat

Known for their hunting prowess, Chartreux cats may have been taken in by those monks long ago to rid the monastery of vermin. Today, however, Chartreux cats are popular because they make terrific companions. They are amiable, loyal, and vocally quiet, and when you sit down next to your Chartreux you invariably end up with a lap full of cat. Known as quiet, sweet cats, Chartreux cats also have a playful, comical side that they keep well into adulthood. They seem to have a well-developed sense of humor, and enjoy a good game of fetch or a playful romp with their friends and family. They are very intelligent cats; they quickly learn their names and will come when you call, if they're in the mood, of course. Although the Char-treux is sometimes unflatteringly called a 'potato on toothpicks' because of its stocky body and slender legs, the Chartreux is extremely agile. The body type is sometimes called primitive because it is neither cobby nor classic, but is instead husky and robust. The Chartreux is generally a healthy and hardy breed, but some lines are known to possess the recessive gene for medial patellar luxation. The condition is genetic in origin, but the exact mode of inheritance is not yet known.


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