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American Wirehair Cat

Wirehairs are people cats that crave human attention and affection. They are active without being hyper, and affectionate without being clingy. They exhibit a keen interest in their surroundings, want to be involved in every aspect of your day, and will follow you from room to room to keep an eye on proceedings. Fanciers say that they seem particularly in tune with their families' feelings and try to offer comfort and companionship when their chosen family member is feeling blue. That's when they turn on the purrs and sit beside them to offer their support. As cats go, Wirehairs have a genuine sense of humor, and love to be the centers of attention. Agile and fun-loving, they enjoy playing the clown and are generally more playful and active than the American Shorthair. The coat differs from the Cornish Rex's coat in that the Wirehair possesses all three hair types. Also, the Wirehair gene is dominant, unlike the Cornish and the Devon Rex's recessive genes. The Wirehair's hairs are crimped, hooked, or bent, resulting in a dense, resilient coat that leads to ringlet formation rather than waves. Breeders sent British geneticist Roy Robinson samples of the hairs and he concluded that all three types of hairs (down, awn, and guard) are twisted. At present, significant variation exists in the texture and length of the individual coats. The most preferred coat is short, very dense, and coarse to the touch.


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