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Selkirk Rex Cat

Selkirks are fun-loving, mellow cats with a generous measure of love and affection for their human companions. Very people-oriented, they stay playful and kittenish even as adults. They're very social and don't do well in isolation.
The Devon and the Cornish Rex have coats governed by recessive genes. In order for a cat to display a recessive characteristic, the kitten must inherit the gene from both parents. The Selkirk's gene is dominant, meaning that only one parent need possess the gene for the curly coat to be expressed in the offspring. A cat that has received the Rex gene from one parent will produce Rex kittens at an approximate ratio of one Rex to one straight-coated kitten. The kittens born with straight coats do not carry the Rex gene at all. A cat receiving the gene for the Rex coat from both parents (homozygous) is a great boon for breeders, since the cat can be bred with an outcrossing and all the resulting kittens will have the Rex coat. Also, the fur of homozygous cats is curlier and softer than the coats of cats that possess only one copy of the gene. The coat goes through several stages as the cat develops. A Selkirk is curly at birth, then loses his curliness and slowly acquires it again at 8 to 10 months of age. The coat doesn't fully develop until the cat is two years old. Climate, season, and hormones (particularly in the females) can also influence the coat curl. Unlike the Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex, the Selkirk Rex comes in both long and short hair.


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