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Singapura Cat

Singapuras, happily unaware of the controversy surrounding them, go right on being what they are: pesky people pleasers. At home in any situation, Puras love to be the center of attention and they don't seem to understand the word 'stranger', they want to be there with you to welcome your guests. They're curious, people-oriented, and remain playful well into adulthood. Their voices are quiet and unobtrusive, and they trust their humans implicitly. Puras are not quite as active as Abyssinians, but they are spirited nevertheless. They're curious, affectionate, almost too intelligent, and seem very much in tune with their favorite humans' moods.
The Singapura possesses the dominant ticked tabby gene Ta, which produces alternating bands of color on each individual hair, the same gene that gives the Abyssinian his distinctive coat. The coat color is modified by the Burmese gene cb, which results in a warm brown color (sepia), alternating with a warm 'old ivory' ground color. This gives the coat the appearance of refined, delicate coloration. Both of these genes are believed to have originated in Southeast Asia. Unlike the Abyssinian, the Singapura's standard calls for some barring on the inner front legs. Adult male Singapuras weigh in at a flyweight of around 6 pounds (2.7 kg), and females tip the scales at approximately 4 pounds (1.8 kg).


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